The Historic Oroville Inn

The Historic Oroville Inn is an icon of the community. It’s also symbolic of the education you are about to receive! Thomas Edison (yes THE Thomas Edison) actually owned the land and sold it to the developers of the Oroville Inn. It’s been fully restored with the help of previous classes of NLC students as well as a group of local and specialty contractors who were committed to restoring this beautiful property to its full glory.

We are pleased and honored to offer affordable housing for NLC students at the Historic Oroville Inn!  While you ambitious young men and women work hard over a rigorous 15-week curriculum, we are here to give you a welcome retreat for study, sleep and camaraderie. It’s hard work to become an NLC graduate, but it is the gateway to an outstanding career.  Please allow us to make your stay in Oroville, CA  pleasant and enjoyable.

Construction on the Inn began in 1929 – just before the Great Depression had seized world markets and changed the lives of people everywhere. The bank which held the construction loan on the property went bankrupt and the Inn was left incomplete … an unfinished symphony. But in Oroville a wonderful thing happened! Local tradesmen, investors and citizens realized that the best way for their community to recover would be to take advantage of the amazing natural resources which existed locally: talented people who could complete the Inn. Oroville was envisioned as a premiere destination and the Oroville Inn would have been the northernmost Five Star hotel in California on the new railway system. So 200 of the citizens of Oroville pooled their money and resources and worked together to complete the Historic Oroville Inn.

The Inn opened for occupancy on June 1, 1930 and has been visited by many travelling dignitaries. In fact the speaker’s platform, which overlooks the beautiful terra cotta lobby, was once occupied by President Herbert Hoover as he addressed the community on a nationwide tour. After years of operating as a hotel, the property was sold several times and eventually fell into disrepair. But in a wonderful example of history repeating itself, it has been fully restored by a group of local investors and tradesmen! Much of the interiors of the Inn are original including the tile floor, the chandeliers and even a beautiful antique sofa which graces the lobby. Great effort was made to maintain the original look and feel of the Inn as it was designed.

The restoration of this iconic structure wouldn’t have been possible if not for previous classes of NLC students who did community service during the demo and cleanup phase of the restoration. They made their contributions of service in the hopes that future classes of Linemen would have a comfortable and enjoyable community experience during their time in Oroville at Northwest Lineman College.